New Season, New Aches and Pains

If you have a bum knee, you probably know when the weather is changing.  You can just feel it in your joints.  Even those who haven’t suffered from an injury often struggle when the weather changes.  It’s natural for the body to go through these variations.

But what isn’t natural is to live with pain.  Instead, schedule regular adjustments with your local chiropractor so you can stay in peak physical health.  But first, here’s what to watch out for as the seasons are adjusting.

Autumn Aches – Temps are dropping and we adjust the way we carry our bodies.  We hunch our shoulders and slouch into the wind.  This tensing up can cause our muscles and joints to stiffen and lead to back, neck, and other joint pain.

Winter Woes – When fall gives way to winter, and let’s face it that can be in the middle of October here in Montana, it means there’s a whole lot more to watch out for.  Slick walkways can lead to pulled muscles, shoveling the snow can lead to strained joints.  Keep things limber, keep things aligned, keep that chiropractic appointment.

Springtime Sprains – Winter eventually will yield to the longer and sunnier days.  Heading out from the indoors, blinking at the sun, we’re eager to tackle those outdoor activities.  But a winter of sedentary living means easing into things is necessary – or we risk dislocations, strains, and sprains.

How a Chiropractor Helps with the Changing Seasons

Long before you pull that muscle as you try to throw a wet and heavy shovel load of snow over the shoulder, you should be in to see your Billings chiropractor.  Part of injury prevention is making sure that your body is aligned properly.

A Chiropractor Helps with Pain Relief.  Some people are living with chronic pain, and all they need is an adjustment.  A chiropractor can help adjust those joints so everything works together the way it’s supposed to.  This allows you to enjoy life no matter the season.

A Chiropractor Helps with Mobility. When you are able to move freely and without pain, you are able to get those autumn, winter, and springtime chores done efficiently.

A Chiropractor Helps You Skip the Pills.  A lot of healthcare is built around swallowing pills.  High blood pressure? Take a pill. Aching joints?  Take a pill.  Pre-diabetic?  Take a pill.  There are much better ways to heal than popping pills – your local chiropractor specializes in natural healing; setting your body up to heal itself the way it was intended.

Don’t Overdo it This Season

Before we go, we have a few quick tips on how you can stay happy and healthy.  All of these can be done at home, no need to schedule time in the office.

Stretch – Before any activity, make sure you warm your muscles, then stretch, then warm them a bit more.  Cold muscles are more prone to injury.  Check our older blogs for tips.

Activity – No matter the season, stay active!  You may need to get a membership to a gym if you’re not keen on winter and snowy time activities.

Ergonomics – Is your workspace conducive to a healthy lifestyle?  It might be time to invest in a new chair, a new desk, or to reposition that monitor.

Hydration – It can be easy to become dehydrated in the winter.  When you’re not sweating, you don’t feel as thirsty.  Proper hydration can help reduce the impact of seasonal colds.

Movement – Make sure you use the proper techniques when out and about this fall.  Use your legs, not your back when hauling that deer or elk.  Don’t twist or overexert yourself when shoveling snow.

Dr. Shayne Durbin Chiropractor in Billings for the Changing Seasons

Whether you have suffered an injury, or you’re doing maintenance to prevent one, let’s make sure your joints are aligned.  Call our office at 406-545-2128, or fill out the online appointment request, and we’ll get you in for an adjustment to keep you operating at peak physical performance.

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