Football Season is Starting: Are you Healthy?

If you play, or have played, football, you know that long before the season actually starts you are out there practicing.  Two-a-days and sometimes three-a-days help quickly hone your skills so that when the first game starts you’re ready to blow away the competition.

Being healthy, avoiding sugary drinks, alcohol, smoking, and other detriments to your body is one thing.  But how many football players out there are maintaining their joint health before an injury happens?

How to Prevent Injury with Healthy Joints

Imagine a piece of uncooked spaghetti.  You can only bend it a little before it snaps.  But now, toss it into boiling water for a few minutes and it can bend easily without breaking.

That’s a terrible analogy about how our bones work, but it has a tiny bit of truth to it.

Our joints are made up of ligaments, tendons, cartilage and more.  All of those things require plenty of water to keep them working optimally.  But even well hydrated bones can be a little out of place.

When your joints are even slightly misaligned, your body compensates by putting undue stress on other areas.  The result is that constant stress on a joint in an improper manner means that your body gets injured.

Visiting a chiropractor before the injury can help to keep those joints lined up nicely.  A properly aligned joint functions properly, and the risk of injury is minimized.

Sorry, we can’t do anything about you being hydrated though; you’ll have to do that on your own.

How to Recover from an Injury

What happens if you do get injured?  Whether it’s from a joint that was slightly out of whack and undue stress was put elsewhere, or maybe you had a really sweet tackle, but tweaked your knee, back, elbow, or any other joint really, a chiropractor in Billings can help get things lined back up so you heal faster.

Your body has the amazing ability to recover from a lot of injuries without major intervention.  The key is to make sure it’s all lined up just right.

Even if your injury is not in the spine, keeping the spine properly aligned means that your nervous system is functioning optimally and sending the right signals to your brain.

Physical therapy, rest, and chiropractic adjustments will often lead to faster recovery from injuries.

Visit a Chiropractor in Billings

Prevention is always better than treatment.  If you’re playing football this fall season, then it’s time to come visit your Billings chiropractor to ensure everything is set up just right to prevent those injuries.

When your joints are aligned, you’re well hydrated, and you know your limits, you can have a successful and (hopefully) pain free season where you win all the games.

Give us a call at 406-545-2808 or fill out an appointment request through our online form, and let’s get you on the path to winning.

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