Work is a Real Pain in the Back

A large amount of sitting is part of many jobs these days.  In fact, the sedentary jobs have increased dramatically since the 1950s as more jobs are office focused than ever before.  Today, roughly 80 million workers largely sit all day long.

Those days of little movement have serious repercussions.  Obesity rates have climbed, heart disease rates have climbed, and diabetes rates have climbed.  Not to mention the literal pain in the neck (and back) that is the result of sitting all day looking at a computer screen.

So, let’s have a chiropractor in Billings share the 5 ways to lessen that pain, and enjoy a healthier lifestyle.

Get up and Move a Bit

30 minutes of movement each day has been shown to be enough to dramatically lower risks of heart disease.  Regardless of how busy a person is, that shouldn’t be hard to accomplish.

Throughout the day it’s easy to get up and move too.  At the top of every hour, stand and stretch.  Go use the restroom and down a glass of water.  Not only will you lower your back pain, but you’ll feel more alert overall.

Wear Better Shoes

It’s amazing how something like the right pair of shoes can dramatically change how you feel throughout the day.  Better supporting shoes means things stay in proper alignment.  You can read our previous blog about shoes for the full scoop.

Buy the Expensive Chair

You might not need the most expensive chair, but you do need to avoid the cheapest chair.  It’s harder to spend money when the $20 one looks like it should do the trick, but over time you’ll be much happier with a pricier item.

An added perk of a better chair is that it’s more customizable to who you are.  Which will help with the next method.

Adjust Your Computer Screen

Most office workers are working on a computer screen.  One of the worst ways to work is a laptop literally on your lap.

Your computer screen should be eye level with you so that you’re not looking up or down see the important bits.  If you find yourself scrolling often so that the words you’re trying to read are in a different position, it’s an indication that you should move the screen so what you’re reading is immediately in front of you.

Make Regular Chiropractor Visits

Of course, no chiropractor blog would be complete without mentioning regular visits to your local chiropractor.

Regular adjustments ensure that you’re all lined up, your nervous system is working properly, and you can tackle the day with as little pain as possible.  Regular doesn’t have to mean weekly, it can be as little as just a few times each year.

Dr. Shayne Durbin – Chiropractor in Billings

Whether you’re suffering from a lot of back pain, or you’re trying to prevent it from creeping in, it’s time to change how we sit at the office.

If you have all the lifestyle things under control, then let’s get you adjusted.

Give our office a call at 406-545-2128, or fill out the appointment request form on our site.  We’ll get you in as soon as possible.

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