Your Local Chiropractor can Help You Feel Better

Living with pain is a serious pain in the neck; even if that pain isn’t in your neck.

But what if I told you, you didn’t have to live with all that pain?  What if I told you there was a way to minimize it so you can get back to enjoying life?

It’s estimated that 60%-70% of adults live with back pain; they’re often under the belief that there’s nothing that can be done about it.  Throw on all the other joint pains, headaches, tension pains, and more, and we’re looking at close to 100% of people are just living with the pain.

Pain mitigation, however, is just one of the reasons to come see a Billings Chiropractor.

5 Reasons to See Your Billings Chiropractor

Let’s break this down, shall we?

1 – Pain Mitigation

Of course, the number one reason that you see a chiropractor is to help relieve the pain that you’re in.  But pain is the last thing to show up (and the first to go) when you’re having joint issues.  The problems are there before the pain, and after it leaves.  Which leads us to our second reason.

2 – The Right Treatment Plan

We don’t want to over-treat you, nor do we want to under-treat you.  Just because the pain is gone, doesn’t mean the problem is fixed.  But we aren’t going to convince you to come in 18 times a week, because for most people, that’s not going to be beneficial.  The right treatment plan, that sets you on a path to moving freely, is what we are all about.

3 – Follow-Ups

When you go see your physician, do they ever call to check up on you?  If you have a good one, they do.  But most of the time it’s poke, prod, prescribe, and usher you out the door so they can meet with the next patient.  It’s an unfortunate medical world where you’re just a paycheck.  Here at Dr. Shayne Durbin Chiropractic, we follow-up to make sure things are going well.

4 – Sleep Better

Science shows that when our bodies are aligned, we not only feel less pain, but everything functions better.  One of the ways where we see it the most is in our sleep.  Even if you’re not in pain, but you’re struggling with sleeping, it could be that your body isn’t processing information properly, and keeping you awake.

5 – Get off the Pills

There are countless stories of patients who were on all sorts of medications – from anxiety meds to pain meds to blood pressure meds – who were able to come off that medication through the help of chiropractic care.  If you’re sick of the pharmaceuticals, we should talk about what’s ailing you.

Schedule your Appointment with Dr. Shayne Durbin, your Billings Chiropractor

Our appointments are easy and convenient.  If after your first visit you don’t think we’re a good fit, that’s okay.  There are a number of great chiropractors in Billings that can help get you aligned.  We know that we can’t treat everyone, but what’s important is that you are treated.

If you’re ready to get on your way to less pain, better sleep, fewer meds, better digestion, and overall just feeling better, then let’s set you up with an appointment.  Request on through our online appointment scheduler, or give us a call at 406-545-2128 and we’ll figure the time that is best for you.

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